Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) with Jeff

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RAK from JeffOur team member Jeff had been contemplating for some time about where he wanted to focus his contribution for our 75th Anniversary (RAK) Random Acts of Kindness campaign. Jeff’s brainstorming eventually led him to a very basic but very essential necessity in life, “we all need food to eat” he said.

Jeff chose a local grocery store to find a community member who could use help with their weekly grocery purchase. Upon arriving he was faced with his next challenge of who to approach with his donation dollars. How do you choose?! A challenge indeed.

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Art Gives Back: Hope Spring Cancer Support Centre

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Art and his MumOne of the many campaigns we are running for our 75th year in business is for each of our team members to choose where our company should donate $500 in Waterloo Region. Art’s community donation will be to Hope Spring Cancer Support Centre in Kitchener.

Art says, “I wanted to use my funds to support an organization that is dear to my heart. In this order, my Grandmother, my Aunt, my Brother, myself and my Mom have all had personal battles with Cancer. My Mom is in the photo above, just before she passed. Of the five, two of us are still here to talk about it and grateful to organizations like Hope Spring for the great work that they do!” Continue reading


Back to school for Trent: Architectural Sketching 101

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Here at Menno S. Martin we encourage all of our staff to keep learning and building their skills. Our renovation industry is always changing and evolving and it’s important to stay on top of what’s happening.

This fall, I decided it was time for me to brush up on some skills too. I’m taking a sketching course and going back to the roots of how I started in my profession!


old barrels in the original Seagram Warehouse

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Living Wage, much more than just Minimum Wage

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Menno Martin founded his company in 1942 and he ran it based on the Golden Rule of doing to others as you want them to do to you. In 2010 when Art Janzen and I started to buy the company we put a little twist on that rule. We run the company on the philosophy of “Putting People First”. This philosophy influences every decision we make in our business. Living Wage for our employees is just one way that we are Putting People First.msm-group-shot Summer 2016 Continue reading