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Back to the Future

posted in Blasts from the Past

From time to time, we receive emails, letters and phone calls from previous clients who have something to say about their past experiences with our company. One day, I even had someone knock on my truck window while I was parked on the street. Since the launch of our new website last month, we’ve noticed quite an increase in these surprise, but welcome connections.

Agnes wrote:
I remembered the various guys who became part of our family while they worked here.  EspeciDSC_0021ally I enjoyed the remembrances of Mr. Martin himself.  I have some of those stories too. In his first job for us, the deck at the back of our house in 1975, he asked “Do you want Cedar?”
“SHOULD we want cedar?”, we asked
“If you don’t want cedar,” he replied, “I don’t want your job.”
He also said if you are good, you don’t need to advertise. But I guess that was then, and times have changed. You have kept the standards, while moving with the times. Congratulations!

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