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North House

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Driving along the riverside, one of my companions thought she saw an eagle. They have been known to nest in the area. Rounding a bend we spot the sharp angles of an ultra modern house nestled amongst the meadow grasses. This is a house you might expect to see in California overlooking the ocean but in reality we are on Blair Road just outside of Cambridge. We have arrived at North House for a unique opportunity to view the inner workings of this solar powered demonstration house.

North House exterior

Note the exterior blinds that can be raised and lowered to cover the custom windows.

North House is one of the newest additions to rare Charitable Research Reserve, a 900 acre property on Blair Road between Cambridge and the community of Blair. The structure was originally built in 2009 by university students from Waterloo, Simon Fraser and Ryerson Universities as part of a competition in the US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. After the competition closed, North House was dismantled and sat in a warehouse before it was reassembled at the rare site in 2013. Continue reading