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Ladder Safety to Prevent Falls

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At Menno S. Martin we’re big on safety, especially when it comes to DYI renovation projects. There are a lot of hidden dangers that can be involved during a renovation and if you don’t have much experience in demolitions or renovations, there are some major things that you should be aware of.

Today we’re covering ladder safety to prevent falls. It’s so easy to have a construction accident and falling often makes up a huge number of this type of accident each year. Here are some easy tips for preventing falls on ladders when you’re working.

  1. Regular Ladders
  • When climbing up or down always face the ladder
  • Always keep three points of contact with the ladder at all times
  • Only one person may climb the ladder at a time
  • Do not work from the top two rungs of the ladder
  • Do not carry heavy or hazardous materials when climbing the ladder
  • Carry tools in a tool belt when climbing
  • If your ladder is in front of a door, ensure the door is locked or blocked off
  • Make sure shoes or boots are free from grease and mud
  1. Step Ladders
  • Never fold up a step ladder and attempt to use it like you would a regular ladder
  • Do not work from the top two steps of the ladder or on the shelf
  • Use one hand to brace yourself against the structure while using the other to hammer, drill, etc.
  • Ensure the step ladder is fully opened and the lock spreaders are in place
  • Only stand on the front side of the ladder to prevent it from collapsing
  1. Extension Ladders
  • If you are using a metal ladder, make sure it is kept away from power and electrical lines
  • Ensure the two sections of the ladder overlap
  • Make sure all the ladder’s locks are properly engaged
  • Only place the ladder against a stable surface or structure
  • Set up the ladder at a safe angle: standing with your toes against the base, stand straight with your arms at shoulder height towards the ladder, move the ladder until your knuckles touch the side rails

At Menno S. Martin, we never skimp on safety and we know that this is one of the most important aspects of home renovations. If you have undertaken a project that is a bit beyond your scope of knowledge, contact us today to get a quote. And if you don’t know the first thing about starting a home renovation, contact the experts you can trust right from the start!


Renovation Guide: Renovations & Children

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Our latest renovation guide helps you cope with your renovation when you have young children. We want to help make your renovation as stress-free as possible, especially with young children. Our free guide helps you make your kids as comfortable with the entire renovation process as possible.

Surviving a home renovation with kids

Come meet our amazing team and take a look at what their expertise lies in. We’re sure you and your children will adjust to any home renovation you undertake thanks to our fantastic staff.


Renovation Guide: Living With Construction in Your Home

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Ever wondered if you can handle living in your home while it’s under construction? This is the million dollar question and something many of our clients have asked us before beginning a renovation. We know you can and our handy guide will help give you tips and tricks to survive the renovation. You’ll be happy you did once you see the finished product!

Living in your home while it's under construction


Contact us today for more help and information!


Renovation Guide: Researching Your Builder

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The next in our renovation guide series helps you narrow down your choice for builder and contractor.

We share everything you need to know about researching your builder and figuring out if they are the best fit for your family and your renovation.

Research your contractor